Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Castration is dismemberment: it is what happens to all of us. It is only a question of time. The organized body unorganizes itself; at some point on the continuum desire turns back upon itself and begins destroying the creation. In aging we experience the destruction of ourselves; we begin falling apart. Phallic power is the power of integrity, the power to hold the members together. Old age is the loss of this power. Anti-Oedipus says, "We are so sick of ourselves."

Lose yourself and find the unconscious world. Consciousness divides the living body; it excludes the unconscious. Integrity is always a question of excluding what doesn't fit. The posture of a man of integrity is one of self-defense. In the case of murder, self-defense is a defense. Death is castration.

Life does not depend on integrity; the living body does not depend upon the organs of reproduction, upon the organs of rememberance. Forget yourself and live a little.