Thursday, April 16, 2009

God is dead, but technology lives; God has become Technology. Technology puts desire to the test; it separates real thought from wishful thinking. Real thought becomes manifest in four dimensions; reality thinking is practical thinking. When desire is realized it takes on a four-dimensional structure. Human fantasy is such a structure, as is the human body. To make wishful thinking real is to put it into practice.

In Synergetics, Buckminster Fuller refers to humans as "local universe technology." Humans put the universal principles of structuring in four dimensions into practice. Immanent to this practice, in my experience, is a fantasy structured as "mommy-daddy-me." Our identities, the ones we say "we really are", are the products of human fantasy. It is fantasy that provides the face. To focus on the technology is to lose sight of the face.

The human drama is real; technology is not the only knowledge. The physical sciences constitute the body of technology; the rest is left to students of metaphor.