Sunday, January 27, 2008

Awaiting sunrise on Harris Creek, darkness, with only the double image of the "Virginians" dock light. The human body awakens to a horizon, to a limit to perception. It is in the perception of a horizon that the real world is separated from the dream world. The clock begins ticking with the opening of the perceptual lens; two eyes is the minimum.

Once the eyes have opened, there is a tendency toward closing; energy is required to resist this closing of the perceptual lens. Delirium is an entropic drain, and the body's grip on reality is always tenuous. The lens closes periodically and the body slips into the downward spiral of delirium. A day is a lifetime.

Nirvana is a world without wheels, a world without spheres. But can the clock actually cease ticking? Doesn't Nirvana imply a karmic wheel? Ah, I am just beginning to see the light on Harris Creek.